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MIPM has an excellent reputation for providing FIRST-CLASS MEDICAL SERVICE to hospitals and our partner companies. We ensure competent, reliable, and highly qualified corrective and preventative maintenance for our own products as well as products from other companies. Respected companies known around the world, such as GV-Medical, Radionics, Invivo, Spectramed, Gould-Medical, Datex-Ohmeda, Medex, Alaris, Organon, Enraf-Nonius, Dräger and Arrow, have offered or still offer their customers optimal after-sales care through MIPM's service offerings.

Providing FIRST-CLASS MEDICAL SERVICE not only includes repair services, but also all of the related logistics processes, including spare parts stock and reporting according to the US FDA's strict requirements. Furthermore, MIPM's Service Team is responsible, of course, for supporting operators and medical technicians at hospitals.


MIPM designs and develops its own products. The experience gained through years of activities in R&D projects for numerous customers has led to several patents of our own.

In recent years, the company has focused on magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). MIPM's knowledge in this field is appreciated around the world.

Well-known companies from Germany and the United States trust and rely on the experience and expertise of MIPM's employees. Therefore, in addition to its own development work, MIPM performs R&D projects on behalf of partner companies.

Another major area activity at MIPM is the field of special pressure-measurement technology for healthcare applications.


MIPM has a production department for manufacturing products that were developed in-house as well as for contract manufacturing of custom units on behalf of our customers. Development and production are always focused on meeting customer requirements. When customer orders are accepted, the MIPM team achieves the quality required within the fastest possible time by utilizing the ideal technical resources.

Along the way, compliance with international standards – such as EN 13485:2001 and ISO 9001 – is a matter of course. Time is one outstanding factor that clearly differentiates MIPM from its competitors. That helps MIPM form and sustain long-term customer relationships.

Sales support

MIPM distributes its products exclusively through an international dealer network. MIPM is active in over 45 countries worldwide.

For further details on our distributor network, please refer to the dealer locator on this page.

Quality management

MIPM has implemented a holistic management system that extends to all areas of the company. The processes are backed by several types of media. Our QM system is written down in the Company Guide.

The Quality Management is certified with DIN EN ISO 13485:2003 and DIN EN ISO 9001:2000. The processes described in these certificates are performed in accordance with international norms. Furthermore, we have installed an environmental management system in accordance with DIN EN ISO 14001. The policies set forth in the Company Guide are implemented on every hierarchical level of the company; they are maintained and continuously improved in accordance with current law.

Company goals for the future

One focus is on boosting our worldwide sales activities for MRI products. Another project worth pursuing is that of extending MIPM's market leadership in the field of MRI-compatible products into other areas, such in compartment pressure measurement. MIPM's know-how in research and development deserves additional marketing chances. This is covered by our "Millennium" offensive. We expect the "Service Offensive 2000," which is already under way, to win more service partners for MIPM. That, in turn, will require the expansion of the company’s service activities.

Michael N. Rosenheimer (President & Business Development)
Hans Schwaiger (President & Technical Director)

Mammendorf, July 2006


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